Wealthy Rogue
Wealthy Rogue


Minion Pig, Rogue Pig

First encountered

Head Hog Mountain - 1 (if not encountered earlier)

Passive ability

Full Pockets

Wealthy Rogues are pigs in the Rogue class that carry a sack full of Snoutlings. They only appear randomly, and commonly does not appear in levels. Its only "attack" is that it runs away after 3 turns, meaning you must defeat this pig quickly if you want to win its loot. It rewards a whopping 50 snoutlings upon defeat.


Wealthy Rogue Wealthy Rogue


Run Away

Charge: 3 turns. Runs away, never to be seen again.


Full Pockets

Passive: Drops a Snoutling when attacked.


This pig does absolutely nothing to harm the player, as it runs away after 3 turns. However, you should keep an eye on it as it rewards 50 Snoutlings when defeated, a lot that you can't easily make up. If necessary, you should prioritize it until it gets defeated.

Even though it does not attack, other enemies can support it and make it be able to either leave more quickly with Counter attacks or make it be able to deal damage with damaging shields. However, attack boosts from pigs does nothing under Wealthy Rouges as it does not attack. Avoid using anything that requires attacking to damage it like Counter or damaging shields, as it does not attack.