Matilda's ClassesEdit

Chinese ClericEdit

Cleric matilda

Healing StrikeEdit

  • Deals 525 damage. Heals all birds by 20% of the dealt damage.

Healing Shield Edit

  • If any bird takes damage, all birds are healed by 15% of the taken damage. Lasts 3 turns.

Elite Cleric

Bonus: + 10% health and + 10% attack


Legacy Cleric ( Moon priestess )

Tải xuống (2)

Bonus : + 10% health and 10% attack

Canadian DruidEdit


 Thorny VineEdit

  • Deals 161 damage. Target also takes 446 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.


  • Heals target by 442 of N amount, other birds receive 221 of the total heal

Elite Druid

Polish PrincessEdit


Royal Order Edit

  • Deals 741 damage. forces all enemies to attack the bird with the highest health for 3 turns.

Royal AidEdit

  • Removes all harmful effects from target bird. Target is healed by 822 amount.

Austrian BardEdit


Heavy Metal Edit

  • Deals 866 damage. 100% chance to stun target for 1 turn.

Soothing SongEdit

  • All birds are healed for 444 amount, they also heal by 222 amount for the next 3 turns. 

Italian PriestessEdit

Angelic Touch

  • Deals 377x2 damage, birds attacking this target are healed by 10% of their maximum health for the next 3 turns. 

Spirit LinkEdit

  • Connect to target bird. All connected birds share received  healing. Lasts 3 turns.