Here is the list of most of Chuck's weapons in the game.

Set weapons and some rare weapons are only obtainable by rolling the Golden Pig Machine.

Set WeaponsEdit

Phoenix Feather

  • 20% chance to remove helpful effects from enemies.
    Phoenix Feather

    Phoenix Feather

  • When combined with the Phoenix Egg, the Feather will revive Chuck as soon as he is knocked out for 1 turn.

Living Lightning

  • 23% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.
    Living Lightning

    Living Lightning

  • When combined with the Lightning Tome, there is 60% chance to deal 50% bonus damage to all targets.


  • Heals Chuck by 15% of dealt damage.
  • When combined with the Chronometer, there is a 10% chance that Chuck receives a bonus turn after attacking.


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